Short, microlearning videos - anywhere, anytime, any device

LearningPlanet's microlearning videos and associated content can be used in any situation and on any device, allowing your people to learn wherever their workplace is.

The microlearning videos are either one minute technique teachings or 10 minute courses.

Integrated learning resources

All the 10 minute videos are courses with workbooks, interactive questions and action plans.

Assign videos to users, by team or company-wide

For maximum flexibility videos can be assigned to users individually as well across teams and even company-wide.

The easy assigning of videos across teams or the company can result in a more controlled and uniform learning experience across your organisation.

Track user, team and company progress

Users, teams and company-wide progress can be tracked via a graphical interface or downloaded in full via a CSV file.

Initiate team or company sessions for group training, where videos watched count for individual users.

Easily setup and structure your own teams and users.

Within your company a Company Admin can easily setup multiple teams of users each with their own managers who can oversee their people.

Users can also be added or edited in bulk via the uploading of formatted CSV files.