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What if you could offer employees quick and easy tools to enhance their soft skills? Our online learning courses not only help employees work well together, but they may also increase productivity. Why not discover our selection of video courses available throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

Check Out Some of Our Learning and Development Courses

LearningPlanet products offer control of choice. Knowledge builds progressively as individuals or teams learn at their convenience. Discover some of the skills our products develop.

  • Communication skills. Learners benefit when they become better communicators. Topics include questioning, listening, conversation control, empathy and holding difficult conversations.
  • Time Management. Overall productivity improves when employees utilise their time more efficiently. This course teaches skills in managing interruptions and time techniques, being more productive, increasing assertiveness skills and delegation techniques.
  • Stress and Resilience. When work and life pressure mount, this course offers ways to manage anxiety and stress, improve health and wellness, practice mindfulness, and learn resilience and assertiveness skills.

Our Online Short Courses Make a Difference

As new employees arrive, some skills are innate, while others could use improvement. These courses brush up on ways to improve those issues that may need addressing.

  • Customer Service. You want your customers to have a great experience with your organisation. The course teaches customer service techniques and coaches your employees in dealing with demanding customers. We teach them to increase their communication skills, attitude, and empathy.
  • Telephone Etiquette. Having the right approach on the phone allows favourable communication and customer satisfaction. We address the best ways to answer the phone, call control, attitude, listening skills, professionalism, and call closing.
  • Remote Working. Many people now work from home, and this course teaches people to work more effectively while staying motivated and engaged.

Growing Future Leaders

Our online business courses available in NZ as well as globally provide tools to help retain your employees and develop them into future leaders.

  • Leadership essentials. Leaders require a unique set of skills that brings groups together. This course includes techniques to improve skills in coaching and feedback, influencing others, dealing with change, holding difficult conversations, handling conflict and time management.
  • Sales skills. You want the relationship between your sales team and clients to be positive. The course offers ways to improve sales effectiveness, manage customer needs, handle objections, provide features and benefits to the client, negotiate, and close the sale.
  • Other pathway courses. Employees may want a quick refresh on skills where they may feel inadequate. They can find classes on effective email writing, teamwork, training and facilitation, demanding customers, conflict and negotiation, attitude improvement, and health and wellness.

Groups of people communicating, listening, conversing

Communication Skills

This course helps learners become better communicators. Topics include questioning, listening, conversation control, empathy and holding difficult conversations

Customer service guy thumbs up, good attitude

Customer Service

The fundamental skill set to help customers have a great experience with your organisation. This course includes attitude, communication skills, customer service techniques, difficult customers, empathy and more

Cupped in hands, leadership, steering the ship, leading his people

Leadership Essentials

For new and existing leaders, this course focuses on key skills for leaders to engage their teams including coaching and feedback, influencing skills, dealing with change, holding difficult conversations, handling conflict and time management.

Lady remote working at home on laptop

Remote Working

Many people now work from home and this course helps people work from home effectively. Topics include working from home, staying motivated and being engaged

Handshake closing the sale

Sales Skills

Understanding fundamental sales skills can help improve sales effectiveness. This course includes managing customer needs, handling objections, closing the sale, features and benefits and negotiation skills

Lady at work under stress & anxious, too many demands

Stress and Resilience

Work and life pressures can mount up and knowing how to deal with them can relieve stress. This course includes, dealing with anxiety and stress, mindfulness, health and wellness, being resilient and assertiveness skills.

Young lady telephonist, smiling positive attitude

Telephone Etiquette

Having the right approach and attitude on the phone can make a massive difference to your customers and outcomes. This course focuses on answering the phone, telephone call control, attitude, listening skills, professionalism, and call closing.

Man outstretched hand with stopwatch, time management

Time Management

We can all do with more time. This course helps to improve productivity and time usage and includes managing interruptions, managing time techniques, being more productive, assertiveness skills and delegation techniques

Why LearningPlanet is Your Best Choice

We are the premier worldwide provider of microlearning soft skills. Our video training content is second to none. Whether you want one-minute quick modules or ten-minute courses, your employees will learn the skills to improve your organisation.

Other pathway courses

  • Attitude
  • Conflict and Negotiation
  • Difficult Customers
  • Effective Email Writing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Teamwork
  • Training and Facilitation


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